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Del and Brenda Williams are the creative minds behind Del Williams Studios, located in San Diego, California. American artists striving to preserve the methods used by the masters of Mid Century Modernism. Original design and attention to detail makes each piece of art unique. Their work is found in numerous private collections, both in the United States and abroad.

del williams studios
del williams studios

Meet the Connoisseurs

Born and raised in Southern California, Del & Brenda currently reside in San Diego. Reflected in their artwork is their deep love of Mid-Century Design. Del received training in industrial arts in the late 1960s. His exquisite pieces reflect the tenets of the New York City College Sculpture Club of the period. as well as the California Design Movement of the 50's, 60's & 70's.

Conserving the Art of Metal Brazing

American artist Del Williams strives to preserve the dying art of metal brazing through his work. Although often complemented with gilded finishes and copper enamel, the technique used to form his pieces should always be held central. Del traces his affinity for his most prominent medium, antique cut square nails, to artist William Bowie's influential work.

del williams studios
del williams studios

About the Couple

Del learned industrial art in the late 1960s, Brenda started in the early 1970s. Del was exposed to mid-century artwork, while in high school, through the works of Harry Bertioa and William Bowie. Both masters of metal brazed sculptures. Brenda works in ceramic arts and as a couple for over 45 years, has brought her unique eye for color and design to their studio artwork.

Custom Artwork

Catering to high-end clients across the world, their studio artwork is truly unique. Del is proud of preserving this style of mid-century artwork and provides custom designs to meet their clients needs. For Del & Brenda, working with their clients is of utmost importance. Direct commissions can be made through

Del and Brenda’s artwork can also be found at Christopher Anthony Gallery located in Palm Springs.

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del williams studios